Alhambra, Phoenix, AZ

Clean clinic and nice doctors but the front staff is awful. Swearing about "I'm not fucking doing this" when given paperwork with me sitting right next to them and the times they give for when things will be done are awful. First off they didn't call us back til over an hour after our appointment then took an extra hour longer from when they told me 10 more minutes. Overall unorganized

Olya S.
Olya S.
Phoenix, AZ

My second time with dr Taylor. I come back and will continue to because dr Taylor actually takes her time with me and my family members that go to see her. I appreciate her patience and diligence in doing all she can for her patients. I have major anxiety when it comes to going to the doctors, she made it comfortable for me and painless. Her office has a fun vibe and everyone is super friendly. My favorite part is the the music, as you walk in, makes you feel relaxed and takes your mind off of your appointment worries. She even called me personally to talk about results. Ok, enough with my explanation, I recommend her as your gynecologist...

Angelina R.
Angelina R.
Sun City West, AZ

Overall it was a decent experience, but there are a few things that made me a little uncomfortable.

While I understand WHY they asked for payment prior to being seen, I felt a little hesitant to pay for a procedure that hadn't even taken place, before even getting to talk to a nurse or the doctor. I felt it was a little pushy to demand payment prior to being seen. More of my understanding on WHY came from when the doctor sort of "snapped" at a nurse for opening a new package of gauze saying, "I'm the one who pays for all these supplies!" She didn't mean it to come off in a rude or mean way- it just felt a little awkward sitting there after paying prior to being seen to have the doctor reiterate the importance of money. I feel like services should first be rendered (in this case) (especially after verifying insurance is paying 80% of the bill), and leaving personal business matters to a different setting outside of a patient's room as they are being seen.

I was in for a Nexplanon removal. It went better than I assumed it would! But, it was kind of overwhelming having THREE different staff members in the room. I am all for the training of med students & nurses... but it would have been more professional to ASK me if I was okay having 3+ personnel looking on for my procedure. My blood pressure was elevated to begin with (due to anxiety)... the atmosphere was not a help in lowering my already high level.

Which leads me to before I even was seen. WHY did I have to take a UA??? I was in for BC removal- definitely was not pregnant. When I asked why I was required to leave a urine sample, the nurse kind of snapped at me saying, "we require all patients to leave a sample 'just in case'".... in case of what?! I was more concerned of extra things I may be billed for that were not necessary to remove the Nexplanon implant. An honest answer would have been appreciated.

Aside from the few questionable notes- I really did like Dr. Taylor. She was very straight-forward with everything, and I appreciated that, as well as her concern for an ongoing medical issue. The home-care tips were much appreciated! So was encouraging me to come back for future care in her department of specialty. The staff was on top of their game, for the most part. I did appreciate the reminder call a day ahead to also let me know the exact co-pay amount. And I give props to the medical resident/assistant/student- she did a very good job at learning as well as making me feel comfortable.

I would recommend Desert Star, definitely. But, there are a few low points & kinks that need some attention or a little more of a better explanation for patients... I'm still a little bothered I had to pay prior to being seen as well as leave a UA sample for vague reasons not entirely explained.